Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bodie's Thomas the Train 3rd Birthday

Our sweet little boy turned three this year, so we celebrated with an all out Thomas and Friends celebration with close friends and family. Here are just a few pic's of our event.
Bodie's homemade Thomas cake. I had this idea and put it to work....6 hours into I was rethinking my idea!
Since Bodie LOVES anything green, I marbled the cake white and green so he would be sure to eat it!
Homemade Choo Choo sugar cookies decorated in RR signs.
All our brunch-like snacks since the party started at 10:00.
I ran across these cute little Thomas & Friends' drinks that I had to have for the kiddos! I searched high and low to collect enough and even had my sister get some from NC!
As always, there are too many toys when it's over! Thanks to all our wonderful friends and family!
Bodie blowing out his "3" candles!
A family shot...this are so hard to get for some reason!