Friday, May 15, 2009

He's finally sitting up!

"What's that you said?"

Bodie trying to get somewhere. He's almost got it down!
The cutest butt ever.

Bodie is now 9 months old and decided he'd go ahead and start sitting up, no rush or anything. He made a complete fool out of me and Matt at his check up. We had checked almost everything as a no for meeting his milestones, so I said "should I be worried yet? I'm not really worried b/c to me he just doesn't seem to be interested yet." Come on, the boy would fall over sideways and laugh the entire way down while we just wonder why he won't sit up and play. A complete mess!!!!! At his 9 month check up he weighed 22# and 3oz, 28 1/2 inches long, with a big head that was in the 90% for his age. His Grammy has nicknamed him "The Rock" and it fits him. "Good bye baby tub, I'm a BIG boy now!!!"

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