Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween with The Reid's

My beautiful little pumpkins! :)
The "Great Pumpkin" left a little surprise for Darby and Bodie.
Happy Halloween love, the Reid's
Darby trick or treating as a cute little pumpkin.
Bodie on his 1st trick or treating outing!
Darby after she had finished accessorizing our pumpkin.

2008 was a great Halloween! It was Bodie's first Halloween and Darby's first time to Trick-or-Treat. We went to a couple houses in the neighborhood, she was hooked as soon as the first piece of candy fell into her bucket. We also enjoyed our annual family Halloween party which was our own version of trunk-or-treat b/c all the sudden we are experiencing high volumes of kids!!! I feel lazy this year b/c I usually go to all lengths to make the family a creative one of a kind costume, but this year I just had the 2 cutest pumpkins in the patch... they were adorable. Hope everyone enjoyed a safe Halloween.