Sunday, November 23, 2008

Matt's Surprise Party! (Adult Supervision Recommended)...

I hope you enjoy! I hard such a hard time only posting certain pictures from the party b/c I ended up with 245 hilarious pictures that make me die laughing every time I see them! All I can say is, we had a BLAST!!!!!
SURPRISE!!!! Happy Birthday!
My spread that I worked so hard on all day!
Our little family, before the kids left for Grandmomma's and Papa's house!
The present from Lance that took this party to " a whole new level."
All of the guys.
DV starting the party of right!
Me and Brit
the party going girls!!
Group Shot! Little did I know about the guys being silly in the background.
Matt and Lance
I don't even know what to say about this one.
... wow, what a party!
Did you just call me "Stormin' Norman" how did you know that's my nick-name?!?!?!?
Bree are you drunk dialing for pizza, ..."um, yes we need 6 large pizzas, can we get them for $5 a you have any we only need 3?" Poor delivery guy, he didn't think it was so funny!!!
My sister, Kimberly & her friend Sarah, who had NO idea what type of Birthday Party she was coming to! She was only an innocent bystander who got sucked into the chaos!!!! But, hey you loved it girl, don't lie!!!!
Matt and Falan having a moment...
This is how it all got started.
My kitchen turned night club - no cover charge!
The poor old radio after it played "Jump Around" 20 times! Not to mention "Ice Ice Baby," "Baby Got Back," and a few others!!!!
Falan, where did you get those glasses?
Scotty passed out... who poured that beer on him????
The End! These are Matt's dad's glasses and this is where they ended up after the party!
Ok, so here are the pictures that everyone has been waiting on.

From Matt's Surprise 30th Birthday Party that I threw him at our house last Saturday (Nov. 15, 2008).

We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST! Everyone there did, as far as I know, even my prego friend Brit! The pictures are what results in a much needed night without any kids, lots of beverages, and a party are all combined! I am just thankful that I pulled this off. It took lots of planning and preparation, thanks to everyone for your help! Sorry, I lied to you so many times Matt, but I had something up my sleeve!!!!!

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Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday Matt!! I got stuck on the margarita machine picture..mmmmm.