Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So I have been tagged by my dear friend Jennifer! We work together and I am so glad to work with my friend!!! The rules of "scrapping" are to first list 10 HONEST things about yourself, then second pass it own to 7 other bloggers who embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Here goes:

10. I am VERY VERY VERY OCD. I like all colors to be in rainbow order. All my baby bottles must match exactly, and you had better not loose the top that covers the nipple, or inside I will be flaming. Everything has a place, so put it there. If you are done using something, then by God put it up.... you get the point. I am this way at work, too. If you touch something on my desk, I will know. So don't touch it without asking!!

9. I have terrible "mother's guilt." I can't hardly do anything for myself without feeling guilty. I go everywhere with my kids b/c they're my kids and I didn't have them for others to raise them. I always rush home to pick them up because as soon as I clock out I feel that they know it and are waiting on me. Here lately Matt and I have had a couple of nights to do stuff together without them and yes it is a nice break (even though it's hard to do.)

8. I hide my true feelings and hardships behind jokes and laughter. I am very good at hiding things that bother me in life. So probably the more that I am joking around the more things are bothering me inside.

7. I am a severe people watcher! I promise I don't mean to stare, I am probably just admiring your outfit, shoes, purse, make up, hair, jewelry, or whatever else that might catch my eye.

6. If I had a million bucks I would share it with everyone. I know money doesn't buy happiness, but I love to give gifts more than to receive. To see others happy is truly rewarding.

5. I love, love, love my family. They do so much for me in life. Keep my children for free, help when I, Matt, or they are sick. Help me get them to and fro during the week. My mom and dad take care of me like I still live at home.

4. I am having a hard time knowing that I probably won't have any more children. Two is a blessing that I am very grateful for, but they are so fun and adorable I would love more if my circumstances were different.

3. I love planning parties. Would throw one for every occassion if I had the dollars! Love going all out for everything. Go BIG or go home, right! I have this little part of me that would love to have my own business, a bakery, or a florist. I dream of looking out the window, listening to music, and enjoying the day while at work.

2. I am a Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic and hate it. Not because I won't to eat everything in site, but because it's a full time job that you never get a day off from. Secretly inside the movie Steel Magnolias terrifies because I want to live to see my kids grow up. It's difficult to manage it 24/7 without being burned out.

1. I am blessed to have met the man of my dreams. I am so glad that Matt came into my life, he's wonderful to me, is great with our babies, and I know he loves me very much and would do anything for me, Darby and Bodie. He's the most awesome daddy. I wish he was home more often, but we know it's just how it's got to be right now.

Well, that's enough about me, now I have to pick 7 people...hmmm, Jennifer you've picked all my people pretty much.

Bree Reid
Jill Smith
Megan Boshell
Gretchen Hinkle
Stacy and John Morris
Mandy Davis (if you haven't already done it for Jennifer)
Brent Watson (Kelly make your husband do it so I'll have a 7th person!)


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The Cotton Family said...

i appreciate your participation! i alreay pretty much knew all those things about you, especially the OCD part! (J/K) love you!