Sunday, October 2, 2011

My 30 day Photography Challenge

So I've really been wanting to perfect my photography skills so I can capture great pictures. I do NOT want to do this as a job, but a hobby. I really want to get those awesome pictures of my kids! I was on Pinterest (my newest obssession) and came across this 'pin' with 30 days of photographs to take to help you capture different angles and shots when taking pictures, so I figured why not?!....I'm a day behind on this post because I started yesterday on the 1st to keep my days and challenges on the same number so I wouldn't forget! So here it 1....
Here's what the pin looked like on Pinterest.
So here's my Day 1 Self Portrait. I kind of hope I can lose some weight during these 30 days since I end with another self portrait! I know this is not a perfect shot, but that's the reason for doing...improve your skills and learn some new techniques.

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