Monday, March 23, 2009

Bodie's 6 month photo shoot!

I am late posting these pictures, but better late than never! We had these pictures made for Bodie's 6 month celebration. Talk about a bad day, picture days always turn bad for some reason...after you have worked so hard to make it all perfect. I guess that's just part of motherhood. We went to Portrait Innovations to have some quick pic's made of the family without spending a fortune, but they were so over booked it was ridiculous. I don't know if I'll ever use them again. So here we are all 4 of us dressed and ready with no one to take our picture standing on the sidewalk at Patton Creek. So I called JCPenney at the Galleria and they said "no" because they were waiting on their last customer. I hung up the phone upset, with 2 hungry babies. Then, I had a superwoman moment and decided to call JCP's back. My statement this time to them when they answered the phone was something like this..."we are dressed and ready to go all 4 of us, we are only across the street and will be there in 5 min can you please just take our picture?" It was a miracle, it worked! Here are some of the pic's I got of the kids, b/c the family pic's were too bad to even buy! Maybe next time!! haha.

I know that I am biased b/c there mine, but darn it they are so cute and cuddly!

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