Monday, March 2, 2009

The Snow of 2009 and Happy 7 months to Bodie!

Our cute little snow man (because I still didn't feel well enough to make a real one in the yard.)

Happy 7 months to my little sweetheart! Now slow down I am not ready for 1!!!

Our house Sunday during the snow.

The Warrior River.

I love this old bridge we pass on back way to my mom's house.

My sister Kimberly about to nail my dad with a snowball.

Matt and Darby in the snow. She said it was "winden (wind-en)" too much for her!

The view from our front porch. Too, bad it couldn't have been for Christmas.

Our one little tree in the front yard.

Tobe in the snow, he didn't want to get off the back porch...he wasn't quite sure what the white stuff was!

Well who would have ever thought that we were really going to get SNOW! It was perfect, enough to play in and then some beautiful sun shine! We celebrate Bodie turning 7 months old today with a message in the snow. Hope everyone enjoyed their Snow Day! I took these pictures when I finally felt good enough to pick my kids up from my parents house.

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The Spahn Family said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick Kara!!! I can't believe little Bodie is already 7 months old, what a cutie!!!
FYI about the train table, my mom & sister picked it up practically new at a yard sale & paid $196 for the entire set-up!!! Just the table sells for $150 new, but the whole Thomas track, trains, accessories, & Thomas bench (which is FULL of stuff we haven't even pulled out yet!) were included! Anyway just wanted to tell you to watch those garage sales & craigslist, you can find some truely awesome deals. Also Michael's sells Thomas stuff & every week they send out a 40% off coupon in their sale ad (comes to us on Tuesdays.) Buying the Thomas stuff at full price is outrageous (which I'm sure you already know!)